Bucky’s Family: Natalee Vu

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Natalee Vu!



Sophomore Natalee Vu has attended Beaverton High School since her freshman year and can’t wait to see what her junior year has to offer. She has been a member in choir all three years she has attended BHS. Natalee’s favorite activities to do after school and in her spare time are hanging out with her friends and singing, which is why she enjoys choir so much.

Her favorite memory at BHS was watching the Diversity Assembly her freshman and sophomore year and seeing everyone come together in a huge activity. “I really liked witnessing all the different cultures and seeing BHS be so diverse and coming together for this one huge activity was really nice” she said. Natalee loved how inspiring it was to see our community come together and support each other in such a unique event.

She attended Highland Park for her middle school years and her favorite memory there was graduating and knowing that everyone was going to different places and the people she’s been with for the past three years were all going onto their own paths and moving on.

Natalee grew up in California with her dad’s side of the family up until she moved after she finished kindergarten. She now plans to continue her future by going out-of-state to college in San Diego after she graduates high school. Although it would be hard for her to leave her family, she has family members that would support her down there. Natalee loves children and is interested in the pathway to become a kindergarten teacher.


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