Remembering dates through colors and lines

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Brady Rogers

Synesthesia is more common than most people realize. With many people not knowing they have it because it’s a neurological phenomenon, it makes it unclear as to how many cases there are. But, as research advances and articles are published more and more realize that they possess the certain β€œsixth sense.” Holly Munly, an English teacher at Beaverton High School, helped give us insight on how it works because she has it.

Munly has a type of synesthesia called spatial sequence synesthesia that correlates dates and ticks on lines. When talking about a certain date, rather than thinking about the numbers, she immediately sees a line which represents the century, and a tick on the line which represents the year. Her example was with President Eisenhower, instead of seeing the dates of his presidency she sees a line with tick marks on it.

unnamed-1Visual representation of spacial…

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