Bucky’s Family: Trey Lusk

Meet Bucky’s family member, Trey Lusk!



Trey Lusk is a senior at Beaverton High School who is involved in Leadership, Jazz Band, and Film Club. This year, he is looking into joining Science Club. He also appreciates his History in Motion Pictures class.

Trey’s favorite memory at BHS was winning Sadie Hawkins King his junior year. Not many of you may know this, but prior to the past few years at Beaverton, it wasn’t common for any underclassmen besides a senior to be crowned king. Not only did Trey get to be honored and titled king, he got to experience it by having his best friend crown him (the king from the previous year).

He enjoys being involved with Jazz Band because he gets to be exposed to jazz music, which he never got to listen to much before this year. He loves the people he gets to hang out with in there and the good environment that goes on. Outside of school, his favorite activity is to sing for fun, although he doesn’t consider himself very good at it. He came to realize that although he isn’t amazing at it, he is truly happiest when he is belting out a song.

Trey values how fun his family is and the sense of humor his family members have. He loves to joke around with them and considers their relationship refreshing. However, he is still fond of having serious and meaningful conversations, but he values laughter and humor more. He emphasizes that, “Having meaningful conversations is good and a good way to make friends. But you don’t like your best friend because they get deep with you, you like your best friend because they make you laugh.”


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