Bucky’s Family: Saad Saad

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Saad Saad!


Saad Saad.jpg

“When I first came to America, I didn’t speak any English. My dad and I went to the store for the first time, but we couldn’t understand the employee. We were both nervous and sweating.”

 Saad Saad, a junior at Beaverton laughed as he replied to the question, “What was it like moving to America?” Saad was 10 years old when his family emigrated from Iraq. “My parents wanted a better education for me, and I wanted to achieve my dreams.” Saad says he does miss some of the memories from Iraq but overall he was very happy about the move.

Saad was one of the fastest members of the Cross Country team this last season, landing himself a place on the varsity lineup. He started running his freshman year after he transfered to Beaverton from Southridge. Saad has also played soccer for over 6 years, playing on club teams after school. Saad will also be participating in Track and Field this upcoming season. Besides athletics, Saad is involved with his community as a member of Key Club. He often does volunteer work and enjoys helping the ESL students who do not speak English very well. Saad is interested in continuing down the path of helping the ESL students throughout some of his career life.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grow up, Saad replied, “I was interested in the Army, but I changed my mind and wanted to be a teacher, but then I changed my mind again. I think I want to be an ESL teacher to help the kids who don’t speak English.” Saad is very involved in the ESL program because he relates to their struggles of not speaking the language. He said it was very difficult for him to learn English, but with perseverance, he is now completely fluent. Saad wants to let recent immigrants and ESL students know that “learning a new language is hard, and coming to a new place is hard, but never give up and try your hardest.”


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