Bucky’s Family: Chris Gatling

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Chris Gatling!



Chris Gatling, or “Peanut” as most people call him, is a senior at BHS. He is an only child who was born in South Korea but moved to Oregon with his parents when he was 5 months old. Chris loves the Japanese culture and language, and he has actually started to learn it over these past few years. A couple years back, he went to a 2-week summer exchange program in Japan, and last year, he even won 1st place in a state Japanese speech competition! Chris is involved in BHS by Japanese club (of course!), band, and marching band. He started playing the clarinet in 6th grade and fell in love; he plays it to this day. Chris is also the drum major in the marching band. The thing Chris loves the most about BHS is the amazing community and tradition and how accepting everyone is.

During his free time, Chris hangs out with his friends and plays video games. If Chris could have people to know one thing about story, it is that even though he might come across as shy, he actually has very big ideas, and if you get to know him, he is more outspoken.


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