Bucky’s Family: Jake Reverman

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Jake Reverman!

Jake Reverman.jpg

Jake Reverman is a kind, funny, hardworking senior at Beaverton High School. He was born in Oregon and raised by a comical, compassionate, and connected Portland family. A big part of Jake’s life was playing varsity football for two years but he had to stop due to a shoulder injury. In his free time, Jake loves to make music as well as play video games. He is involved with Young Life and has gone to the summer camp for four summers.

A challenge Jake has faced in his life is that he was born deaf; he couldn’t hear through kindergarten. To try and correct his hearing, he had multiple surgeries because everything was blocked, and he was constantly was sick. Eventually, he grew out of the hearing loss but sometimes he still has difficulty hearing.

Jake takes a lot of pride in is his family and playing guitar which he has been playing for 8 years. One of his favorite things to do is have jam sessions with his family. Jake is really thankful for having the opportunity to go college, he is still deciding where to go but has already been accepted in University of Oregon and Oregon State.

A fun fact about Jake is that he is a HUGE Star Wars fan,;he knows everything  there is to know about Star Wars. His biggest role model is his Young Life Leader, Phil Zahn. Jake admires Phil because of his amazing morals, beliefs, drive, and confidence as well as fashion sense!  Mr. Blok is a teacher who has impacted Jake at BHS because of his support and encouragement.


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