Bucky’s Family: Emmely Tellez

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Emmely Tellez!



Emmely is a freshman at BHS. She loves to read, draw, and write creatively. Emmely says that one of her top strengths is definitely her ability to come up with a pretty good story on the go without any prompts. Emmely is also a very good singer who loves to sing anything she hears no matter the genre! On top of her artistic talents and abilities, Emmely is a true animal lover as well! While it Is hard for her to choose which animal is her favorite, she says that horses definitely have a special place in her heart.

While Emmely has lots of talent in and love for the arts, she wants to spend her life working as a geneticist. Emmely loves all things genetics and can tell you lots about genetics as well! She wants to get to know everything about genetics but specifically, her genetics and why she is who she is as a person. Emmely hopes to use her skills in genetics to help people some day.

Another passion of Emmely’s is helping others. She says that she was never a very open person, however, when one of her best friend’s committed suicide in October of 2015, she realized how many people go through the same thing everyday. While that incident still bothers and saddens her at times, she says that because of what she went through with that friend, she has been able to do the heroic work of saving several of her friends of taking their own lives. Wow!

We all love BHS, but Emmely says that she loves it even more. Emmely loves the community that we build at BHS and how close people are with one another. Next time you see Emmely in the hallways say, “Hi!”


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