Bucky’s Family: Nawal Kayed

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Nawal Kayed!



Nawal Kayed is a sophomore attending Beaverton High School. She grew up living in Syria with her family of 7 people. Nawal and her family moved here to the United States after leaving her home in Jordan when she was 16. She lived in Jordan from 2011 to about 3 months ago, which is when she moved here. While living there, she lived in a very nice house where each of her siblings received their own room. In Jordan, she was classified as a Syrian refugee given that her home town was Syria. Her family and her fled to Jordan from Syria due to the issues with the Syrian government. Her parents made the decision to leave due to the fact that that they knew the issues would escalate so they quickly gathered their things and moved their family out of danger. She attended night school in Jordan with other Syrian refugees that also fled. In Jordan, her classes at school were only 30 minutes long. She did not receive lunch breaks, recess, nor time to be social with other kids her age.

Nawal really enjoys living here in the United States but has a hard time with the language barrier. Growing up in a foreign country and speaking a different language for her entire life and then changing that one day is not easy. Nawal has a hard time getting out and doing things because her English is so limited but she hopes to get out more over the breaks and explore Portland.

Nawal really enjoys attending Beaverton High School because of the atmosphere and change from her old school in Jordan. Here at Beaverton, her two favorite things are English class with Mr. Conway and lunch. She loves going to lunch because it is free time that she never received at her old school, and she is able to be social with other refugees and people that speak Arabic.


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