Bucky’s Family: Jonathan Valentine

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Jonathan (JR) Valentine!


Jonathan Valentin.jpg

Jonathan Valentine is a junior at Beaverton High School. Jonathan first attended Dorothy Fox Elementary School in Washington but then moved to  Raleigh Park Elementary School, where he participated in  sports such as baseball and football. At Whitford, he participated in wrestling, baseball, and football. During his freshmen year, he did baseball and then, as sophomore, a friend invited him to try out theater, which he found that he really loves. He also did Robotics Club, which he really enjoyed because he likes to pull things apart and put them together.
Jonathan is  passionate about spending time with his friends and helping them out. He is always making sure that he is there for his friends and thinks it is very important to be there when they need him. What makes him unique is that he has built strong relationships with the people around him and because of the strong relationships he has built over time with people; people trust him to tell him their problems.
 Jonathan is currently the Vice President of Theater, which has been his greatest achievement. He is very passionate about theater; he is currently part of the “Get Smart” cast. He plays the lead role of Maxwell Smart. After high school, he is thinking about having a career in theater; it has been recommended to him by friends to go to Southern Oregon University for theater but he is still searching.  His career goals are to find a job that makes him happy. Beaverton High School has been a great place for him because he has been able to explore lots of opportunities such as extracurricular activities that has helped him discover his passions.

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