Bucky’s Family: Willow Rakoncay

Meet Bucky’s Family Member Willow Rakoncay!



Willow is a well-known senior, Link Crew Commissioner, Thespian President, and drama aficionado at BHS. Willow has many different aspects of her life that she loves to share: drama, Leadership, and her personal life.

When it comes to drama, very few people have the passion for drama that Willow has. As a three-time Thespian President, Willow has been in over a whopping 37 productions in the past few years as an actor or crew member. When asked why she loves drama, her response was simple; she loves drama because drama is like an outlet. “There is so much to it. It’s just so much expression,” she said.

While Willow is really passionate about Drama, she also loves Leadership and her role as the Link Crew Commissioner. When Willow was asked about her favorite aspect of Leadership, she said she loves all of it; however, if she had to choose it would be getting everyone from different groups and backgrounds involved and active in our school’s community. Being in native speaking Spanish, she like many people sees the need for getting others involved in our community. However, she is one of the few people who is constantly acting and working to make sure that everybody feels welcome to and excited for events at BHS.

Willow is definitely an all-around exceptional person; however, one of her strongest aspects is her personal life. Many people see her as the optimist who’s always smiling and strolling down the halls. According to Willow, though, her life has not been very happy or optimistic in the past. She struggled with self-harm and other issues caused by depression for over 6 years.  So what happened for her to change from that life to such a happy, optimistic, and kind person? She says that when she started feeling better, she began to realize how much it would have helped her if someone smiled back at her and was a strong support during her childhood. Just a smile. She says, “The biggest thing I see that I do for my community at BHS, is that people know me, not necessarily personally, but they know that I’m always a face that’ll smile back at them. And that just makes me happy.”

Photo by: Michael G. Ingram



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