Bucky’s Family: Ronin Flores

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ronin Flores!


Ronin Flores.jpg

Sophomore Ronin Flores was born in Portland, Oregon, and Ronin would consider himself more like his mom in the sense where he is more quiet and calm. His dad, however, is a much more outspoken guy who was born and raised in the heart of New York, an actor who took a road trip to Oregon where he thought he would visit a nice city named Portland that was right next to the beach. He packed his stuff and got on a Greyhound bus and headed to the coast. His belongings were stolen and found out later that the beach was, in fact, not down the street from Portland as he had imagined. Later in life, his dad meets his mom, and they have Ronin’s older brother and him.

Ronin explains how, currently, everyone in his family are teachers, and it would make sense for him to become a teacher. He would teach social studies if he became a teacher although one of the classes he enjoys the most is Literature and Composition. Ronin would attend OSU to accomplish this just like his older brother. Ronin’s older brother is ¨one of his best friends,¨ he explains. Having his dad pass away at the age of 7 made him get to know his family a lot better than ¨most people would.” His dad´s passing made the bond between his brother and him a lot strong and has made them spend more time together.

Ronin is a well-rounded young man who connects extremely well with others. He can speak in front of big crowds but prefers one-on-one conversations. He might seem like a more serious busy kind of guy but he is also very funny and somehow learned to put both feet behind his head! Ronin has many goals but his goal as of right now is to make his family proud.


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