Bucky’s Family: Anne Chhing

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Anne Chhing!



Anne Chaneeda Chhing is currently a senior at Beaverton High School. She was born in Beaverton, Oregon after her family moved from Cambodia. She has two older brothers named Michael who is 22 and Polo who is 24; both of them have graduated from college. Her brother Michael has been one the biggest role models in her life.

At Beaverton High School, she is a Key Club board member, and she is in National Honors Society. Anne is a nanny, reader, and explorer; she loves hiking, traveling, and is fascinated with acrylic paintings and also loves to paint with water colors. She is a Calculus math expert who is intrigued by science and hopes to major in Bioengineering and minor in Spanish because she is very fluent at it.

Anne is not one to fail at anything, and she is a hard worker, often considered an over-achiever. Anne’s dreams are to travel around Asia and explore Cambodia to see her culture which she hopes to learn more of. She currently volunteers at Cambodian American Community Oregon, at which she has volunteered for a decade, and her major role is to dance to fundraise for the poor schools in Cambodia. Anne wants to be remembered as the woman who helped the community of Beaverton and has a major role/part in helping to improve Cambodian conditions.


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