Bucky’s Family: Akol Yel

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Akol Yel!



Akol is a junior at Beaverton, and this is also his first year at this school! Akol was born in Khartoum, Sudan on July 4th, 1999, and he moved to Egypt at a very young age and then moved to America when he was 5 years old. Akol is 17 years old and is the oldest of his six siblings. He and his family all traveled by cruise ship to America to distance themselves from the war in Africa. When they got here, they then traveled to northern Washington where Akol ended up living for most of his life. Learning was a challenge for him at first. He spoke Arabic and didn’t have too many friends. But, with hard work and mental toughness, Akol quickly turned things around. He learned how to read and write and made friends at a very fast rate with his bright, outgoing personality.

Being a new student at Beaverton, Akol looked for a way to make friends around the school. He is involved in the basketball program at BHS and quickly befriended the players and staff. Akol says “My favorite thing about BHS is the fact that everyone was so welcoming. I already feel I’m part of the family and community.”

Akol looks to help the basketball team win a second straight league championship and make a deep run in the state playoffs. Basketball is his passion. He has only been playing for three years but Akol says that it has impacted his life greatly. “Without basketball, I wouldn’t have met half of the people that I am friends with today. I don’t know where I would be without the sport.” At the start of the year he wasn’t too sure how or if he was going to fit in with our school, but with the help of you guys, Akol feels more welcomed here than he has felt anywhere else. Way to go, students!


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