Bucky’s Family: Albert Yim

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Albert Yim!



Albert Yim is a junior at Beaverton High School. Albert grew up in Portland, Oregon, and eventually moved to Beaverton when he was 5 years old. He attended Cooper Mountain Elementary and Highland Park Middle School. Albert got his name from his dad, who named him after Albert Einstein.

Albert’s family is Cambodian and consists of his parents, 20-year-old sister Veronica, and 15-year-old brother Brian. Albert involves himself in BHS through sports, the classroom, and supporting as much as he can. He plays varsity football and does track. His favorite subjects at BHS is everything except writing; Albert excels in math. As a freshman, he was in Algebra 2 and as a sophomore, he took Pre-Calc. Albert is currently taking Calculus and plans on taking Calculus 2 during his senior year.

Other than sports and school, Albert enjoys hanging out with friends, photography, and hikes. Albert is most grateful for his family/friends, being healthy, and growing up in a stable community. His parents and friends have had the biggest influence on his life so far. He learned a lot about being a person through his parents, and learned to have fun through his friends. Later in life, Albert would love to visit Cambodia. He wants to go there to see family members, see where his parents grew up, and learn more about his background.

Albert’s main goal in life is to be successful. “Being successful means doing something meaningful in your life and being happy while doing it.” He plans to achieve being successful through education and working hard. In the future, Albert plans to go to college and study in the medical field. He would like to be remembered as a great and a good person.


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