Bucky’s Family: Natalie Harwood

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Natalie Harwood!


Natalie Harwood.jpg

Natalie Harwood is a junior at BHS. The youngest of three siblings, Natalie’s sister Hayley and brother Andy both attended BHS prior to her. Natalie grew up here in Beaverton, and she attended Fir Grove Elementary and then Highland Park Middle School.
Some of Natalie’s favorite classes this year are Human Anatomy and Algebra 2, despite the challenge. She was a part of Key Club for a while and is also part of the Theatre. Natalie absolutely loves the theatre program; she’s made many friends because of it and said that, “Everyone is unique and so welcoming; they embrace any and everything about you.” She really appreciates this in a club. When asked about the Beaverton High community, Natalie loves the friendly and helpful nature of students and staff. It makes the school a much easier environment where trying something new is fun and exciting.
During her future here at Beaverton High, Natalie hopes to make Honor Roll and stay in National Honors Society (NHS) as well as participate in more of the clubs available here at BHS.  As a senior next year, Natalie looks forward to sleeping more with Late Arrivals, but also being able to take the courses and electives she finds herself interested in, including AP Psychology. She looks forward to focusing more on her sports as well. Natalie plays Lacrosse and hopes to have some success and a lot of fun with her last two years. Looking beyond high school, Natalie hopes to attend Washington State University. She is interested in Human Studies and learning about why us humans act the way we do.

The advice she has for incoming freshmen is to get involved, to try new things, and to meet new people because those are the things that will make the high school experience special. “Even if you’re afraid to try something, do it anyways because you never know what you will get out of it”.


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