Bucky’s Family: Karac Leyva

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Karac Leyva!


Karac Leyva is a senior at Beaverton High and was born in Portland, Oregon 18 years ago. Before attending BHS, he went to Sexton Mountain for elementary school, and Highland Park for middle school.

When Karac was in 6th grade, his parents got divorced and it was very hard for him and his younger brother Kai (8th grade, age 14). This has been a big challenge for him and his family. “Having to go back and forth between houses and having to be there for my brother has continued to be a challenge.” Luckily, his parents still get along and he sees them both very often. His family is very close, and he feels very lucky to have such great support from them throughout his life saying, “They mean the world to me.” Playing sports and having such a great group of friends have also really helped him with everything.


Karac has played baseball for Beaverton all four years of his high school career, along with football. He is also a NHS member and has been a LINK Leader since his junior year. Karac is also a part of Westside Church, working with the Sunshine Pantry as community service, and buying & delivering care packages to families in need over holiday breaks with his family. One thing he is proud of is how he has balanced school, sports, and his relationships with his family and friends. “I have managed to keep a high GPA through high school while also enjoying my time here. I’ve also been a varsity athlete for most of my time here at Beaverton High school.” Having his friends who also have good GPAs and who are involved in sports has been a huge reason for his success in high school. They push him to be the best version of himself, but they also know how to have fun and relax, too.

As far as college goes, Karac is not positive where he wants to go. He might be going to Lewis & Clark next year for baseball. Although that is not for sure, Karac does know that he wants to attend college somewhere and play baseball.


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