Bucky’s Family: Ayaka Takeuchi

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ayaka Takeuchi!


Ayaka Takeuchi is a 16-year-old junior at Beaverton High School. Ayaka grew up in Tokyo, Japan with her family and her younger brother, Yuki, who goes to Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Ayaka’s family moved to the United States from Japan 3 years ago because her dad wanted to expand his business into the states. She loved living in Japan but it was too crowded for her, and she looks forward to living in the U.S. for the rest of her life. When Ayaka goes to college, she wants to study either business or environmental studies.


The biggest struggle that Ayaka faced when moving to the U.S. was learning the language. People made fun of her because of her accent and the way she tried to say words in English, and she didn’t get a good night of sleep for 2 years. She would go to school, sit there, and not understand anything, which was incredibly frustrating and upsetting. So, she needed to make a change; she read books, watched movies, and watched YouTube videos to work on pronunciation of words. She would stay up till 3 AM doing that almost every night. Ayaka now speaks fluent English with little to no accent at all!

Ayaka’s favorite food is pizza, and her favorite type of music is Pop. During her free time, she likes to listen to music and hangout with her cat. Ayaka’s favorite subject in school is APES (AP Environmental Science) where she loves to learn more about the environment and our problems we are facing every day. Her favorite part of BHS is the spirit and tradition that the students and faculty have. Ayaka is a true testament to what makes a great BHS student.


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