Bucky’s Family: Ariel Derting

Meet Bucky’s Family Member, Ariel Derting!



Ariel is 15 and a sophomore at Beaverton High School. She was born in Oregon and has lived here her whole life with her mom, dad, and 20-year-old brother. Outside of school, Ariel is a springboard diver and absolutely loves reading. A constant challenge that Ariel faces is fear, specifically through springboard diving. It is something she is constantly working through to become the skilled diver she knows she can be.

Ariel’s a huge reader. She is able to sit for hours and constantly read because it helps her take her mind off of things. Her favorite author and one of her biggest role models is Sarah J Mass. She gets the best advice from books, and this is one of her favorite quotes: “You could rattle the stars. You could do anything if only you dared. And deep down you know it too. That’s what scares you the most.” This quote is from the series Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass.

Ariel is also someone who is always smiley and friendly. She enjoys spending time with her family, eating good food and reading a book she loves because it makes her the most happy. The thing that motivates her the most is the pressure she feels to do well because she knows it will be beneficial to her in the long run.

During her freshman year, Ariel got the chance to meet Ms. DeMarre, a teacher at BHS. Ever since then, she has become a big part of her life whom she looks up to and knows she can talk to about anything. She really likes her because Ms. DeMarre is so happy all the time, is so friendly to everyone, and gives off good vibes.

Although Ariel is not sure what she wants to major in or where she wants to go to for college, she plans on attending a university and in the future having a family and finding a job she truly loves and enjoys.

Bucky’s Family: Yousif Al Zeidi

Meet Bucky’s Family Member, Yousif Al Zeidi!



Yousif is a Junior at Beaverton High School this year and is really enjoying his time here. Yousif was born in Iraq and he and his family recently moved to Beaverton about a year and a half ago. Yousif has two sisters and two brothers. His sister is a sophomore and attends BHS with him, his brother is in 8th grade and attends Highland Park, and his other two siblings are older than him. He is very good with languages. He is learning English very quickly and is fluent in Arabic and Turkish.

Outside of school, Yousif works at an Iraqi Pastry shop called Lombard Bakery. He really enjoys working there. He also enjoys going to the gym after school or after work every day.

One of the many cool things about Yousif is that he works with Mr. Naik after school to create presentations about why he and his family moved here and presents them to classes at Portland State University. He enjoys doing this because people get to know him on a more personal level and learn about the things that are going on in Iraq. He says it is an honor to present their stories to students and teachers at Portland State.

Yousif’s family decided to move to the United States because life in Iraq was “very dangerous and scary.” Living in Iraq right now is very difficult. He said, “No freedom, you don’t have electricity or water all the time, and the schools and education were very bad.” He says the worst part is “Waking up everyday and having to choose whether or not you want to leave your house because there were very high chances of dying.” He says it was upsetting because you never knew if you would get to go home that night and see your family.  One of the challenges he has faced since he has moved here has been the language barrier. Trying to learn English has not been easy, especially since when he first moved he didn’t know a single word or even how to spell his name which made it difficult to make new friends and meet new people.

Something that most people don’t know about Yousif is that his father was killed about 10 years ago while living in Iraq. They never discovered who killed him nor why they killed him which is the worst part. That is also one of the reasons Yousif’s family decided to move to the U.S., because they wanted to start a new life and have a better future for their family, which is also something he is very thankful for. Moving here has brought him many new opportunities.

Yousif is motivated by his own hard work. Seeing that his hard work is paying off and he is getting good grades makes him happy and pushes him to continue to work hard on accomplishing his goals. Yousif wants to be a pilot in the near future so he plans on attending college and studying civil aviation. Through hard work, overcoming obstacles, and doing the best he can, Yousif believes and knows he will accomplish his dreams and make his family proud. We are very honored to have someone like Yousif as part of our Beaverton High School community.

Bucky’s Family: Kevin Lara

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Kevin Lara!


Kevin Lara.pngMeet your Bucky’s Family Kevin Lara. Kevin Lara is a sophomore at BHS who loves playing the guitar because it makes him feel good. Something that he loves about BHS is that teachers are passionate about what they teach and care about the student body. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he gets to spend time with his family and loves the joy of everyone being together.

In 10 years he would love to live in Beaverton, have a family, and become a police officer.  His favorite subject in school is Health because he learns how to be healthy and how to take care of his health. Two of his biggest accomplishment is learning English as his second language and learning how to play the guitar. He looks up to Mrs.Hurtley because she is always helping him and supports him in all his classes.

Bucky’s Family: Eddie Lundy

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Eddie Gundy!



Eddie Lundy is a 14-year-old freshman here at Beaverton High. He previously attended Whitford Middle and before that, he was at Montclair Elementary. When asked about how his high school experience was going, Eddie stated that he has enjoyed his time here more than any school previous. When he was asked to describe the Beaverton High community, Eddie responded with, “Kind, helpful and many more opportunities and experiences available to students than at a middle school”.

Eddie’s favorite classes this year are Band and Physics, and he likes the real-world application of math in physics and especially the labs, which he finds very fun. Eddie plans on taking multiple science classes throughout his years at BHS, continuing with STEM Chemistry next year.

With a background in music, Eddie has played multiple instruments including the Trumpet and Trombone, but found a liking in the Tenor Saxophone, which he plays in the BHS Band currently. Eddie hopes to be in a program like advanced Health Careers when he is a senior, as well as the opportunity to take advanced science courses and catch some rest with a late arrival period here or there.

A part of the Marching Band Color Guard and Winter Guard here at BHS, Eddie spends a lot of his days after school practicing with his fellow teammates. He has grown to like the group and activity alike, “It’s really cool because you get to compete with other schools, even some from Washington, and mixes of girls and guys with routines around flags, rifles and sabres,” all part of the Winter Guard competition.

As a freshman, Eddie looks at his future here at Beaverton High with hope and promise. He hopes to join more clubs and meet more people, take classes he finds himself interested in and being more competitive with Color Guard and Winter Guard as well as develop his talent for music on his Tenor Saxophone.



Bucky’s Family: Amulya Prabhala

Meet Bucky’s Family member Amulya Prabhala!



Amulya is a senior who takes mostly AP courses, and the ones that aren’t AP are still college-level classes. During a typical day, Amulya goes to school and comes home to do more homework, which is expected with the intense schedule she is taking this year. She also does Cross Country; during that season, she had practice every day. During the small amount of free time she has on the weekends away from school work, she enjoys going on hikes with her family. She also loves to sing Indian classical music, something that makes her so unique and connected to her heritage.

Though she was born in Oregon and has lived here her whole life, her parents are the first generation of her family here in America. They came from Southern India before she was born. She has no siblings and her family practices the religion of Hinduism. She went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Then, mainly Whitford Middle school, with the exception of the time she spent at HS2 and a short time at Highland Park. She’s now a part of the BHS family, as she has been all four years of high school.

If she could go anywhere in the world she would go to Australia because there are tons of animals there that don’t exist anywhere else. Something you wouldn’t know just by looking at her is that she’s a vegetarian. She loves animals, which makes Australia the perfect place for her. Taking a step into another part of the world, she loves a good meal of Chinese food.

Amulya is in the Health Careers program here at our school and she aspires to continue with this path. Looking into the future, she wants to become a doctor, although, she doesn’t know what field yet.

Bucky’s Family: Venkat Manepalli

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Venkat Manepalli!



He went to Fir Grove for Elementary School, ISB for middle school, and is now attending Beaverton for his high school career. He is involved in the Science Bowl team at BHS, and HE likes to play tennis and tennis chess outside of school.

Venkat was born in India and speaks Telugu. When he was 7 1/2 years old, hE and his family moved here from India. Even though he went to a English-speaking school in India, it was a hard transition since he could not speak English fluently and had a hard accent. “People couldn’t understand me when I would speak,” said Venkat. He came to the U.S. when he was in 3rd grade and was in ESL. He could speak English fluently by 4th grade, and exited ESL in 5th grade.

After high school, Venkat’s dream is to go to Stanford or an Ivy League school. Something that he is vey proud of is the fact that he gets all As and works hard in school.

Bucky’s Family: Talia Agam

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Talia Agam!



Talia lived in Israel for two years as a child but has she grown up in the Beaverton area most of her life. Talia is very proud of her heritage: her mom grew up in Chicago; her grandfather grew up in Israel; and her father grew up in Jerusalem. Talia has discovered that she would like to pursue a career in the United Nations or in becoming a diplomat in another country. Working in the UN or becoming a diplomat intrigues Talia because of her family history, her interest in communications and making connections, and because she has a strong passion and love for peace in the world.

Two role models of Talia’s are her older brother and sister; she admires them because of how hard working and ambitious they are. Talia herself is very hard-working, resilient, and excels at overcoming adversity. She is the founder and president of Veggie Club, which she started because she wanted to educate people on veganism. Being a vegan herself, she wanted to teach other about what being vegan means, and to teach people how to be vegan and how easy it can be.

Talia is very involved in the BHS community, she is taking high level courses, she created Veggie Club, and she is a part of Knitting and Key Club. Talia has very well-rounded character inside and out of school; she is involved in the community, passionate about her heritage and her beliefs, and she is hard working and dedicated to anything comes her way. This is just a small part of her incredible story, and now the world awaits the incredible things that Talia Agam will do in her life as she continues to write her story.

Bucky’s Family: Olivia Tafea

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Olivia Tafea!



Senior Olivia Tafea was born in Oregon to a family with Pacific Islander heritage. She and her twin sister had moved to California where their grandmother raised them, but now they both reside in Oregon once again and are both students at Beaverton.

Olivia is currently an AP Art student at Beaverton and enjoys creating realistic drawings with standard pencils. She was first inspired to pursue art by her dad who is a tribal designer. At first, she drew to see if she was as good as him.  As time went on, Olivia became really interested in art herself.

In recent times, Olivia has found a special reason behind her devotion to her artistic hobbies.  Her rugby coach, who had been diagnosed with cancer, encouraged her to continue with art. He wanted her to paint something for him so that he had something at the hospital to look at and keep him company. Her coach’s wishes touched a special place in her heart and and made her want to continue art earnestly.

Olivia’s favorite subject in school is art class, but if she had a second favorite it would be Marine Systems! In the future, Olivia sees herself working as a professional artist or a product designer.


Bucky’s Family: Cruz Grover

Meet Bucky’s Family Member, Cruz Grover!


Cruz Grover.jpg

Cruz is a 17-year-old born in Portland. Cruz is a senior at BHS . Before Beaverton, Cruz went to Raleigh Hills K-8 for elementary and middle school.  He is involved in co-ed soccer at BHS. He likes co-ed soccer because “It’s soccer without lots of practice, and it’s more aimed at being fun”. Cruz loves getting to play with friends and doing it for no reason other than having fun. Cruz loves attending local sports events and supporting teams such as the Portland Timbers and the Portland Trail Blazers.

School is a main focus for Cruz. He strives for excellence while at school. Cruz currently sits with a 3.0 grade point average. Cruz thinks that school is important and doing well is important for your future. Cruz has taken 4 Advanced Clacement (AP) classes at Beaverton and is taking another 4 AP classes this year. His favorite BHS memory is having a potluck after taking the AP test in Calculus last year. Cruz has a near future goal of graduating high school and being successful.He looks forward to attending Oregon State University or University of Puget Sound. Cruz wants “to get to a point where he doesn’t have to worry about money.” His dream job is to be a mathematician. “Math is cool, math is fun, it’s cool solving puzzles”.

During his free time, he likes playing video games and being with family. Cruz thinks that family is important. Cruz’s culture is very family-oriented. His family cares about people. Caring is important to him. His favorite family tradition is eating a nice breakfast with his family on the weekends. His favorite holiday is Christmas because “Presents are nice” and because “Holidays are relaxing.” Because a lot of his family lives in New Mexico, his family tries to go there for a week every winter break. He enjoys having no homework over breaks and not worrying about school. Cruz strives for happiness and something better than “just living. I like to enjoy what life offers.”

Bucky’s Family: Colton Hudspeth

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Colton Hudspeth!


Colton Hudspeth.jpg

Colton Hudspeth is a 10th grader here at Beaverton. He is taking Algebra 2, Stem Chem, and other advanced classes. His favorite class is Video-journalism because he enjoys making videos, especially ones that have to do with action. He participates in basketball and baseball at Beaverton High School. His biggest passion is basketball, and you can catch him on the court this winter season.

Colton has two siblings, one is a senior at Beaverton named Peyton. The other is in college at TCU; her name is Maddie. A fun fact is that his dad also went to Beaverton, so he comes from a long line of Beavers. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his friends and play basketball. Colton loves the music artist Kanye West and he has too many favorite songs by him to name one.

In the next 10 years, he doesn’t totally know what he wants to do yet, but he has time so he isn’t too stressed about it right now, but his dream college is in Colorado. Colton’s best memory at Beaverton was when he was a Sadie’s prince last year as a freshman. He said it was a lot of fun getting to be a part of the assembly and take part in fun activities throughout the week and he enjoyed representing for his class. The best life advice he has received so far is “Try your hardest and always do your bestl it will pay off in the end.” Overall, Colton is a laid back, fun-loving guy and he is a proud Beaver. Go support him at the next basketball game!