I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Natalie Oleson, senior


Four years at BHS have been a life-changing experience. Yes, because it is high school and that is a large moment in life… but also because I met an amazing staff who supported me through the entire experience. Specifically my counselor, Bonnie Heaton, and the Marketing Program teachers, Katy Robinson and Emily Ramberg have made a huge difference in my journey at Beaverton. Each teacher individually had helped me reach a goal whether it’s involving my grades, an extracurricular activity or getting in the college of my dreams.

Bonnie Heaton, Counselor Beaverton High School, Oregon Community

In particular, Bonnie Heaton has been by my side since day one freshman year. Since first grade, I have been dealing with the effects of cancer when I was very young. As a part of that, my family and I have been dealing with the district for years whether I am eligible for an IEP and/or a 504 to have extra help with my learning. Mrs. Heaton has always supported my family the best that she can throughout this process. She has also helped me with colleges applications throughout the step-by-step process for the next stage in my life.

On the other hand, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg have helped me become educated on what I plan to make a career out of as well as preparing me for college. Having mentors in the field  I have a passion for has been incredibly helpful because I can approach them with any doubts. They have also always been there for me for more personal stuff, such as high school drama. I have always known that I can go to them for any type of help!

Having these teachers by my side to help me with life inside and outside of school has helped shape my high school experience. I am incredibly thankful for the supportive and positive staff and community at Beaverton High School.


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