I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Anaya Sergeant, senior


Thanksgiving is by far my favorite time of the year to spend with my family and my friends who have been there for me. At BHS, the love that is felt throughout the school is immense. As I’ve grown older and matured and became a senior, I’ve learned to appreciate this school and all the opportunities I’ve gotten due to this incredible high school.


My favorite experience I’ve been a part of is by far the Social Media Week conferences in Los Angeles that our BHS social media team went to. The time we spent there was filled with amazing memories I’ll never forget. We got to go to conferences led by successful businessmen and women, and they gave tips and tricks on how to operate in this digital driven world of business. Aside from the knowledge I was lucky enough to gain in LA, I also was able to grow closer to the other members of the team and adventure in the beautiful city. If it weren’t for Beaverton’s desire to help us grow and experience events like this, I never would have been on this amazing trip.

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More than anything, I’m grateful I’ve been a part of a school that cares so deeply about it’s students and wants the best for everyone. The students and teachers here have made my high school experience above and beyond any expectations I could have had. This Thanksgiving, while feeling thankful and loving towards my family and friends, I’ll also feel incredibly blessed to be a part of BHS.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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