I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Logan Holt, senior


Someone who truly exhibits these core values is my friend (and probably yours, too): Carrie (Jackson) Matsuo. She is an alumni from the Beaverton High School Class of 1983. Carrie works at Westview High School in their college and career center. She has a son who graduated from Westview High School, and her husband is the principal at Hillsboro High School. Although she is involved in other high schools today, she has never lost touch with her home at Beaverton High School.

She sits on the BHS Booster Club Board in an alumni relations position, and she helps keep the Beaverton High School Alumni Association Facebook page up to date. She organizes and leads alumni tours at BHS, and she actively works at connecting BHS grads back to their community. Last year, she helped welcome the seniors at their Senior Reception to the alumni association, and during the summers, she attends graduate luncheons, leads tours, and this year she walked in the Beaverton Parade.

I met her two summers ago when I got to help her lead tours for BHS reunions. Leading tours for alumni has been such a great experience for me as a current student. The stories I hear, the reconnections I see between old classmates, and the love the alumni express towards BHS is truly inspiring for me because I get to see how much love and care these grads still have for our BHS community. I’m honored to serve with her because she is so supportive and respectful of the BHS community. 

As much as Carrie supports alumni, she also is very invested in our future alumni. She cares about students, Carrie recently said, “The mark of a successful community is not how many kids get into Stanford, or are National Merit Scholars. The mark of a successful community is recognizing and rewarding every individual’s contribution to the community’s collective success. It is not a race, nor a contest. It is wanting a healthy and happy whole life for our community’s kids.”  She doesn’t just say it; she works to help students achieve it. 

Mrs. Erwin spends time with Carrie serving on boards together and attending the summer alumni tours. She had this to say about her dedication to BHS, “Carrie Matsuo is the epitome of our core values of “Community connects us” and “Tradition unites us.”  She is an alum dedicated to sharing the BHS story of excellence with as many alums as she can reach.”

Our community is blessed to have her dedication and her friendship. I hope my graduating Class of 2017 will be as respectful and dedicated to the success of the Beaverton High School Community as Carrie is. I hope we will come alongside her in the years ahead to volunteer and offer tours, support the staff and Boosters, and support our students in the incredible community that we have here at Beaverton High School. Carrie (Jacks0n) Matsuo is definitely someone I am thankful for, and as a senior, I recognize that more than ever.


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