I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Rianna Ayoub, senior


During these last four years at Beaverton High School, my life has changed a lot. I know that’s a really cheesy line for most, but for me, it is very true. When I was a week shy of 16, I started having seizures. I’ve never had any serious medical issues so this was completely baffling to me and all of my peers. Never in my life had I ever even seen a seizure, let alone think I would have one myself.

Now you’re probably thinking “What in the heck does this have to do with Beaverton High School, and why would it make you thankful?” Well, if that is what you’re thinking, and even if it’s not, I have an answer. On February 24th 2016, I had a seizure during my Digital Marketing class. Waking up from it was like waking up from a nightmare that I couldn’t get out of. It didn’t even seem real. Having seizures was bad enough, but I never thought it would get to the point of it happening at school.

Lucky for me. I had a compassionate teacher named Mrs. Robinson who was there to help me through everything, and I had supportive, accommodating classmates as well. They all kept calm and worked together in the situation to get the paramedics and my parents to the school ASAP. No one made me feel overwhelmed nor “different” because of my circumstances.

As soon as I got home and rested it off, my phone (and my parents’ phones) were blowing up with texts from staff and students making sure I was okay. Just when I thought my world had come crashing down, my peers were able to pick it back up a little. I was actually feeling happy. Knowing that people care is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and I am forever thankful for everyone who assisted and checked up on me.

These 4 years have been great, and I am sad to see it slowly coming to an end. Beaverton High School really is a family. If you attend or work here, then odds are you know what I mean. But, if you went to/are going to a different high school, you truly are missing out on an inspiring community for which I am eternally grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


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