An Open Letter to the Newly-Zoned Beaverton Students

By Cameron Monfared, sophomore

On Monday night a few weeks back(10-17-2016), the Beaverton School District voted to ratify the new school boundaries, which will undoubtedly make changes in the future of the students at different schools. One of the schools who will be undergoing a vast transition of students, will be Beaverton High School. And for many that are now zoned for Beaverton, that’s a scary thought.

It’s really obvious why the people who have been newly zoned for Beaverton would be nervous. Saying goodbye to friends, having to build new relationships, different teachers, and a different environment altogether. I personally had my own test with this when I was transitioning to Beaverton as only a couple of my friends were also going to Beaverton. I was absolutely terrified. What would I do? Who would I meet? What about all my friends? How are the teachers? How’s the school?  

I remember the school info day in August of 2015 when I got my schedule and got a tour of the school. I was so scared and skeptical to see if Beaverton would live up to everything everyone says about it. At first, I was amazed by what I thought was a MASSIVE school (after the first week, I could navigate the entire school in 5 minutes). Seeing all these new people, the school, and all the teachers, I knew that I would have to make it through.

I knew so much about Beaverton when I started school here. Both of my older sisters graduated from Beaverton, and they loved the people they met. They had always talked about the topic of “community” and “tradition” at Beaverton. It sounded cool but I never really understood what they meant. That changed on the first day of school, and I can promise you it will for you, too.

It was a truly memorable day. As soon as the doors to the gym opened, we were showered with high fives, claps, and welcoming words from the staff of Beaverton. I started to figure out what my sisters were saying about “community” at Beaverton. However, it was not until the first assembly, at the end of the first week, when we stood and sang the fight song all together, that I knew exactly what my sisters were talking about. Throughout the year, I went to at least a couple events for each sport and activity. Everyone was so connected with that sense of “community”; and that’s why at Beaverton, one of our core values is Community Connects Us. It sounds kinda fuzzy, but just like me, you, too, will soon discover that it’s true.

As far as our Tradition, it’s not a tradition of five, 10, 20, 50, or 80 years, but it is a tradition of over 100 years since the opening of our school in 1912. It is a tradition of strength, excellence, and compassion for what we all do. It’s a tradition of encouraging and pushing others to strive for the best, and it’s a tradition, that ONLY Beaverton has.  A tradition that this building has carried for more than 100 years.

That’s why we have kept so much of our schools traditions the same. Even from the 1915 picture of our school building below.

beaverton 1915.jpg
It’s the same tradition that the class pictured below of 1931 carried. A tradition that still stands tall and strong today.

class of 1931.jpg
So, I encourage all of you who will be a first-generation Beaverton Beaver for your family to be excited because the friends you will make and the opportunities you will get will truly last a lifetime. Be excited to start a new adventure. Be excited to become a Beaverton Beaver. So now the only question is: what are YOU looking forward to at Beaverton?



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