Once Upon a Time…

By Alyssa Grimes, senior


Beaverton High School goes by four core values; excellence inspires us, learning transforms us, community connects us, and tradition unites us. One way that we show how our traditions unite us, is our traditions during each football game. During halftime, as we all watch the clock tick down until there is two minutes left, the seniors take
lead in the tradition of singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and the entire Beaverton High School student section joins in. After every single game, whether it’s a win or a loss, we always join the football team’s huddle and sing our Beaver Fight Song to show just how much love and support we have for the team. This school has the best traditions in all of the school district.

Not only do we have simple traditions we continue for every football game, but even more for special event games. Each year, the night before the homecoming dance, calls for a celebration towards all of the elected princesses of each class. This year, on this special
night, our opponent is Westview High School. During halftime of the game, after our Beaverton boys play a great first half, we honor all 12 princesses, the three from each grade.

They arrive and are chauffeured around the field on the track in six sports cars while we cheer and show them all of our high school pride that we have in them. As each beautiful princess makes her way out of her assigned vehicle, they are greeted by their handsome fathers to escort them out to the center of the football field, where the Homecoming queen will get revealed in front of all the Beaverton High School fans.


After all princesses are lined up stretched down the center of the field, they bring out the past year’s Homecoming queen in a car just like the other princesses, and let her do the revealing. With her having the only knowledge to who the students of BHS voted for, she gets to slowly walk back and forth carrying the crown over each princess’s head, building up the suspense that everyone feels while we wait for the big announcement. Once eager seconds go by with the crowd screaming out names, she finally drops to crown over the new queen’s head, and we all go wild. After the queen is acknowledged and honored
and the girls all take pictures with Dana McKenna, all princesses get escorted back towards the vehicles and ride back to the entrance as the student and parent sections get crazy with excitement. The new queen and previous Homecoming queen follow the princesses back as they get showered with joy.
Once the field is all cleared, the football boys bring it on once again and join together to put their hearts into the second half of the game. These traditions have been going on for years, and will continue to be spread throughout the many decades that this school
remains.  We are proud to call ourselves Beaverton High School, and will continue to show how tradition unites us. Is your high school this united?


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