My Final Game

By Lacey Hedeen, senior & BHS volleyball player


As the leaves start to fall and the sweaters come out of hiding, the fall sports begin to come to an end. Along with the end of the season comes the saddest night for athletes of the Class of 2017, Senior Night.

This season has been interesting for BHS volleyball, to say the least. This night represented much more than just the last game of the season for me, it would be the last time I would ever play a sport in a Beaverton High School jersey.

Blog 1.jpg

The parents of the six seniors gathered in the hall, patiently waiting for us to come out to walk with them across the gym. As the announcer, Mr. Sarmiento, called my name, I walk out in front of all my classmates who have become family to me over the last 3 years. Two of my teammates, that I had been playing with since the beginning of my high school volleyball experience, walked over and handed me the things that they had gotten us.

With my team by my side, I stepped on the court to play against Century High School, I got one final look at the crowd, this is it, I thought. This is the last time I would ever warm up, last time I would ever hold pinkies with my team as the national anthem is sung. This is it. The last time that the little traditions and quirky things our team did would ever be routine to me.

That was the moment when it finally hit me, I am a senior. In 8 short months, I will be walking across a different stage at the Chiles Center in front of many of the same people, and my high school experience will come to an end. Although there is so much to look forward to for senior year, like Prom and my final football game in the student section, I can’t help but reminisce on my time here at BHS.

Looking back on my last 3 years, I have nothing but good memories running through my mind. Senior night was only one of the traditions from high school that I hold close to my heart. Our schools says that “Tradition Unites Us,” and I can honestly say, from personal experience, this is very obvious throughout our school.

From singing John Jacob at the halftime of football games, to the amazing assemblies that Student Leadership puts on, everyone has something that they can fit into. Though my time here is coming to an end, these 4 years will forever be the most impactful years of my young life.

Until the time that I end my journey, I hope to spread as much of the traditions to the underclassmen before I leave. Even though the Beaverton School District boundaries may be changing throughout the district, the traditions will still live on. I have faith in the junior class that they will lead the new kids coming in, from schools like Sunset High School, and unite them all with tradition the way that my class was way back in 2013, where my high school experience began. So if you’re deciding where you want your child to go, wouldn’t you want their experience to be as memorable as mine was?


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