I’m Glad I Go to a School with Spirit

By Maryam Mahmood, junior


I’m a junior at Beaverton High School, and I love the spirit the students have here! We have a TRADITION where the week before the Homecoming dance, we have a Spirit Week. Students can participate in dressing up according to themes, and we all have fun. Meanwhile, the princesses have their own things they wear for each day that week, and we all enjoy waiting to see what crazy combos they will show up to school in. Ever since my freshman year, my friends and I look forward to this week, especially Pajama Day on Monday. I mean, who DOESN’T want to wear pajamas to school on a Monday?!


Tie Dye was for Tuesday this year. I loved that whatever class I walked into that day, there were colors everywhere. You can really see the spirit BHS students and teachers have in this week. Students were wearing tie dye shirts that they made themselves or ones they bought but it was all different colors. It was all cool seeing that a lot of students have spirit.


Wednesday was my favorite day because it was Character Day. You get to see people dressed up as fairies, princesses, cartoon character, as heroes or movie characters. I loved it because you can see the kid side of everyone and their favorite character.  Starting from the left in the picture above is Minnie Mouse, next is Olaf from Frozen, and you can find that sweater at Hot Topic.  Next to Olaf is Michaelangelo from TMNT.  That costume I got from Hot Topic last Halloween and I love it.

The rest of the week is going to be fun as well. On Thursday, we had Tropical Day, and a lot of students came to school with flower crowns or necklaces or wearing something tropical. It is always fun to see the colorful summer look in fall. Though not all students participate on that day because it is cold out side, the ones that do always have the coolest outfits.   

On Friday we have a “Color War” where every student gets to wear their class t-shirts, and we can see all the classes in the assembly that will show us the Homecoming princesses in their dresses with a little play; this year, it is going to be Cinderella-themed play because that is the theme for Homecoming this year.
Overall, my favorite day was Character Day because I was able to see what everyone was interested in and it fun. What is your favorite day? Tell us below.

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