I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Natalie Oleson, senior


Four years at BHS have been a life-changing experience. Yes, because it is high school and that is a large moment in life… but also because I met an amazing staff who supported me through the entire experience. Specifically my counselor, Bonnie Heaton, and the Marketing Program teachers, Katy Robinson and Emily Ramberg have made a huge difference in my journey at Beaverton. Each teacher individually had helped me reach a goal whether it’s involving my grades, an extracurricular activity or getting in the college of my dreams.

Bonnie Heaton, Counselor Beaverton High School, Oregon Community

In particular, Bonnie Heaton has been by my side since day one freshman year. Since first grade, I have been dealing with the effects of cancer when I was very young. As a part of that, my family and I have been dealing with the district for years whether I am eligible for an IEP and/or a 504 to have extra help with my learning. Mrs. Heaton has always supported my family the best that she can throughout this process. She has also helped me with colleges applications throughout the step-by-step process for the next stage in my life.

On the other hand, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg have helped me become educated on what I plan to make a career out of as well as preparing me for college. Having mentors in the field  I have a passion for has been incredibly helpful because I can approach them with any doubts. They have also always been there for me for more personal stuff, such as high school drama. I have always known that I can go to them for any type of help!

Having these teachers by my side to help me with life inside and outside of school has helped shape my high school experience. I am incredibly thankful for the supportive and positive staff and community at Beaverton High School.


I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Nick Uchida, senior


BEAVER *clap *clap POWER *clap *clap! HERE WE GO BEAVERS, HERE WE GO *clap *clap!

The 4 years that I have been at BHS, I will forever be thankful for the memories and the immense amount of joy Friday night football games have brought me. The start of every week, I can confidently say that the majority of the student body looks forward to the football games. Before the year begins Student Leadership comes up with themes for each game and the students go all out rain or shine. There is just something different about Friday night football games that separates it from any other event. Hundreds and hundreds show up to support the team, this includes future Beavers, students, teachers and proud parents. It truly is a beautiful thing, and I’m very thankful to be part of it.


Some of my few favorite moments that I will forever be thankful for was one, the final game this season. Even though the team couldn’t get the win, we were still so proud of the boys and coaches for giving it their all. It was a bittersweet moment to be a senior that night. As a kid that’s been a cheering on your boys for the past 4 years, you realize, “Wow! That was the last time I will every cheer on that team.” As a football player, it may have been the last time you will put on your shoulder pads and lace up your cleats. Yes, everyone was very sad but I will never forget the amount of love that was on the field that night. It was a reminder to me and the rest of the seniors that time flies by. Every time you have the opportunity to be  at school events, sport events whatever it may be, might as well make some unforgettable memories.


I couldn’t be more thankful to be a Beaverton Beaver and to be part of this great community that brings so much happiness and joy to everyone embraced by it.

I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Anaya Sergeant, senior


Thanksgiving is by far my favorite time of the year to spend with my family and my friends who have been there for me. At BHS, the love that is felt throughout the school is immense. As I’ve grown older and matured and became a senior, I’ve learned to appreciate this school and all the opportunities I’ve gotten due to this incredible high school.


My favorite experience I’ve been a part of is by far the Social Media Week conferences in Los Angeles that our BHS social media team went to. The time we spent there was filled with amazing memories I’ll never forget. We got to go to conferences led by successful businessmen and women, and they gave tips and tricks on how to operate in this digital driven world of business. Aside from the knowledge I was lucky enough to gain in LA, I also was able to grow closer to the other members of the team and adventure in the beautiful city. If it weren’t for Beaverton’s desire to help us grow and experience events like this, I never would have been on this amazing trip.

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More than anything, I’m grateful I’ve been a part of a school that cares so deeply about it’s students and wants the best for everyone. The students and teachers here have made my high school experience above and beyond any expectations I could have had. This Thanksgiving, while feeling thankful and loving towards my family and friends, I’ll also feel incredibly blessed to be a part of BHS.

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How It’s Made: Homecoming assembly (+ video)

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Allison Van Horn

It’s twelve o’clock, the night before the Homecoming assembly, and while the majority of the student body are snug in their beds, the members of Student Leadership are busy at work in the school gym. They are completing the final touches to the floor layout for the assembly scheduled for the next day, the one that we students enjoy without much of a second thought on the amount of labor that was dedicated to concocting the assortment of props, the flooring, and the script. As it turns out, it’s a lot of work.

Just assembling the floor the night before can easily take over six hours. According to senior Kylee Rench, one of the prominent front-runners in the setup, “We start at around six and go until twelve, and then sometimes we even have to go the next morning.” Taking into account the weeks of preparation…

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I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Celia Boyer, senior

During my time here at BHS there are many things to be thankful for, sports, my dad as a teacher, social media team, and the whole staff. The thing I am most thankful for is Student Leadership. Sarmiento welcomed me in after being very persistent on wanting me to run my freshman year. Thankfully, I won, and got in the class.
We do things from planning events like Homecoming and Prom, to Adopt-A-Family, Respect Week, and we also make sure everyone’s voices are heard. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet people with all different kinds of ideas, stories, and thoughts. In my position this year, ASB President, I have been lucky enough to be able to let those ideas happen.

I have also had chances to meet amazing people in our community, such as Houston Kraft, and Damian Lillard. All in all, I am very thankful for this community. Leadership is an tremendous way to be involved and to learn a lot about who you are surrounded by every single day.  

I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Logan Holt, senior


Someone who truly exhibits these core values is my friend (and probably yours, too): Carrie (Jackson) Matsuo. She is an alumni from the Beaverton High School Class of 1983. Carrie works at Westview High School in their college and career center. She has a son who graduated from Westview High School, and her husband is the principal at Hillsboro High School. Although she is involved in other high schools today, she has never lost touch with her home at Beaverton High School.

She sits on the BHS Booster Club Board in an alumni relations position, and she helps keep the Beaverton High School Alumni Association Facebook page up to date. She organizes and leads alumni tours at BHS, and she actively works at connecting BHS grads back to their community. Last year, she helped welcome the seniors at their Senior Reception to the alumni association, and during the summers, she attends graduate luncheons, leads tours, and this year she walked in the Beaverton Parade.

I met her two summers ago when I got to help her lead tours for BHS reunions. Leading tours for alumni has been such a great experience for me as a current student. The stories I hear, the reconnections I see between old classmates, and the love the alumni express towards BHS is truly inspiring for me because I get to see how much love and care these grads still have for our BHS community. I’m honored to serve with her because she is so supportive and respectful of the BHS community. 

As much as Carrie supports alumni, she also is very invested in our future alumni. She cares about students, Carrie recently said, “The mark of a successful community is not how many kids get into Stanford, or are National Merit Scholars. The mark of a successful community is recognizing and rewarding every individual’s contribution to the community’s collective success. It is not a race, nor a contest. It is wanting a healthy and happy whole life for our community’s kids.”  She doesn’t just say it; she works to help students achieve it. 

Mrs. Erwin spends time with Carrie serving on boards together and attending the summer alumni tours. She had this to say about her dedication to BHS, “Carrie Matsuo is the epitome of our core values of “Community connects us” and “Tradition unites us.”  She is an alum dedicated to sharing the BHS story of excellence with as many alums as she can reach.”

Our community is blessed to have her dedication and her friendship. I hope my graduating Class of 2017 will be as respectful and dedicated to the success of the Beaverton High School Community as Carrie is. I hope we will come alongside her in the years ahead to volunteer and offer tours, support the staff and Boosters, and support our students in the incredible community that we have here at Beaverton High School. Carrie (Jacks0n) Matsuo is definitely someone I am thankful for, and as a senior, I recognize that more than ever.

Ask not what veganism can do for you, but what you can do for veganism

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Emma Rosicky

Chances are you have seen the punny posters around Beaverton that use vegetables as the butt of their jokes: “Be upbeet – Join Veggie Club!” But whose faces are behind the signs and what is Veggie Club?

Veggie Club was founded in the fall of 2015 by seniors Talia Agam and Hannah Bauman to “spread awareness about veganism and the benefits of a plant-based diet. I also wanted a place where people could get together and eat healthy food. [I wanted to] make it a club about health and wellness [but] also about veganism,” shared Agam. Meetings are usually after school on Mondays in room 222.

image-2Anna Melnik, Hannah Bauman, and Autumn Sevy are enjoying healthy snacks at a meeting.

The two girls have been vegan for some time, Agam for 4 years and Bauman for 5. They started for similar reasons. At first, they believed it was…

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I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Karley Hecht, senior


BHS has taught me a lot during the past four years that I have been here. But the most important thing that it taught me was that everyone has a story. Every student and staff member has traveled far and wide and somehow, someway, we all ended up here at BHS. Everybody may not know each student or teacher, but everyone treats each other like we are family. Family is very important to me, and knowing that I can go somewhere every day to an environment that is welcoming and loving, is truly special.

One family that I am SUPER thankful for is the BHS Social Media Team.

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My journey with them began last year, and I have not regretted one minute of it! I have created so many close relationships and had amazing real world experiences. I have traveled to Chicago and LA with a group of them; and I can’t wait for more memories! Thank you, Beaverton High School for making me time here one that I will never forget. #BHSForever #Classof2017

I am Thankful for BHS.

By Carson Crawford, senior


Throughout my time at Beaverton High School, I have had the opportunity to play football, basketball, baseball, and track and field. And, during that time, it has been a pleasure being able to play in front of our fantastic community. Every game, whether it is at home or over 100 miles away, there are always students there cheering on our sports teams. Many schools in the state don’t have the luxury of being able to play in front of such a great community.
In every game throughout the course of my high school sports career, I’ve always known there would be a crowd cheering us on regardless of day, time, or location. Our students pride themselves on being loud, passionate, and creative in the way they cheer on the team. Students before every home football game come to the game two hours early to tailgate and hangout. For Jam the Dam, they start lining up to get into the game as soon as school gets out. It truly means a lot to me and to the other athletes to be able to play in front of such a great crowd.
Not only students come to the games but alumni also come and support their alma mater. This year for football, we’ve had many alums contact our coach to check in on how the team is doing. With us having success, we’ve had tons of people at every game this year. Everyone wants to come out to see BHS succeed. The tight-knit community makes it easy for our athletes to play so well. When you know you have an entire community that has your back, it’s easy to go out there and play for something, play for a purpose. During my 4 years here at BHS, every team has learned to play for the name across your chest, to play for not only yourself, but play for the Beaverton community. I am thankful for that community.

I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Rianna Ayoub, senior


During these last four years at Beaverton High School, my life has changed a lot. I know that’s a really cheesy line for most, but for me, it is very true. When I was a week shy of 16, I started having seizures. I’ve never had any serious medical issues so this was completely baffling to me and all of my peers. Never in my life had I ever even seen a seizure, let alone think I would have one myself.

Now you’re probably thinking “What in the heck does this have to do with Beaverton High School, and why would it make you thankful?” Well, if that is what you’re thinking, and even if it’s not, I have an answer. On February 24th 2016, I had a seizure during my Digital Marketing class. Waking up from it was like waking up from a nightmare that I couldn’t get out of. It didn’t even seem real. Having seizures was bad enough, but I never thought it would get to the point of it happening at school.

Lucky for me. I had a compassionate teacher named Mrs. Robinson who was there to help me through everything, and I had supportive, accommodating classmates as well. They all kept calm and worked together in the situation to get the paramedics and my parents to the school ASAP. No one made me feel overwhelmed nor “different” because of my circumstances.

As soon as I got home and rested it off, my phone (and my parents’ phones) were blowing up with texts from staff and students making sure I was okay. Just when I thought my world had come crashing down, my peers were able to pick it back up a little. I was actually feeling happy. Knowing that people care is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and I am forever thankful for everyone who assisted and checked up on me.

These 4 years have been great, and I am sad to see it slowly coming to an end. Beaverton High School really is a family. If you attend or work here, then odds are you know what I mean. But, if you went to/are going to a different high school, you truly are missing out on an inspiring community for which I am eternally grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.