Princesses + Luxury Cars + Football Game = Homecoming!

By Sley Vega-Guerra, junior


Growing up around Beaverton High School and coming to the Homecoming game was always one of my favorite things to do. Once I started high school, I was actually able to experience it as a high schooler, and it was a blast! Everything that leads up to the football game excites the student body. From starting the week off with Spirit Week and seeing everyone dress up according to the theme, especially the princesses who always go all out, to ending the week with the amazing Homecoming assembly our student leadership puts on Friday morning. You notice the excitement in the students while everyone is cheering on as the princesses are escorted out by whoever they chose to do so. Then comes the Friday night football game. It’s not just any other home football game, it’s OUR Homecoming game and everyone is dressed head to toe in whatever the theme for the game is.


Throughout the game, the tension is high as the student body waits for halftime to reveal this year’s Homecoming Queen. The thing I love best about Beaverton is the tradition of having the Homecoming princesses come out in luxury sports cars. It’s something so unique that Beaverton High School does because no other school in Metro does that for their homecoming games. The clock hits zero and everyone begins to cheer loud and proud as our Homecoming princesses begin to slowly ride out in incredibly nice looking cars.

img_3282 Watching as my friends got to the middle of the track all dolled up in their long and beautiful dresses and were escorted onto the field by either their dad or mom was a priceless moments. It made me feel good that the princesses looked more cheerful and happy than ever. Another awesome tradition from the Homecoming game that BHS does is that we have the Homecoming queen from last year come out to the game and crown the new queen. I think it’s an awesome way for them to stay involved be able to experience the feeling and excitement of crowning the new queen.


We then all waited anxiously as the crowning ceremony began. The students continued to cheer as she moved the crown over the princess’s head and after about a minute crowned the new queen. Cheers of excitement burst through the student section when we found out who our new queen was. It’s an overall amazing experience and always a fun game to attend. Not only are the students involved in the game and crowning of the princesses but the parents are always cheering and applauding as loud as the student section is. It’s an incredible environment, and I encourage everyone to come out and experience one of these games. Does any other school do homecoming games like Beaverton High School does? I don’t think so.


Key Words: Beaverton High School, Football game, Homecoming, Princesses


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