By Joe Johnson, senior


Once a year every fall, Beaverton High School has a Homecoming Dance. For most people, it’s one of the most stressful but fun weeks of the year. Boys are expected to ask girls, which some do. Girls are always worried about what to wear and how they look. The Homecoming Dance is on Saturday the 22nd, but the week before at Beaverton is a “Spirit Week,” during which three princesses from each grade level are chosen by students voting. Once they are all selected, they have to dress up to a different theme everyday during the week of homecoming. As for the other students, there are different themes to dress as that aren’t as embarrassing. Having these themes really connects our community and brings us together.


The Friday night football game is the best one that happens during Football Season. This year was against Westview High School. There is also a theme for the student section at the football game. This year was BLACK OUT. It is set up to be a very fun and exciting game. At halftime of the game, all of the princesses were escorted to the field on Corvettes and sports cars. They all lined up and waited for one of them to be crowned Homecoming Queen.


The day of Homecoming is a very long day. Most of the boys I know get there there Amazon package of their tie the day of the dance. As for the girls, they have had multiple dresses already delivered and just need to pick their favorite. Before the dance, people get together to hangout and take pictures. This is the girls favorite part because all they like to do is take pictures. Once all that is done, people carpool to the dance. The dance itself is very fun and exciting. There is a DJ and everybody dances and enjoys the night. The theme for the dance was Cinderella, and everything was decorated.


Personally, I love Homecoming. The week of Homecoming was awesome, and the game was thrilling. I enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up together and capturing moments with my friends. As it being senior year, it was my last High School Homecoming so I’m glad I made it the best one yet.

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