Mental illness awareness

Via Beaverton Hummer online:


Beaverton Hummer

By Alona Arneson

Mental illness is an aspect of human nature, both ignored and normalized, especially in the entertainment industry. Split is an upcoming thriller that centers around a man with 23 different personalities who takes three young girls hostage. Some may find this plot intriguing, cheesy, or creepy, but the whole concept is encased in a film of ignorance about the real issue here: Why are we entertaining human beings with mental health issues who we don’t give adequate treatment to, outside of our enjoyment?

There are common misconceptions that mask the very real effects of mental illnesses. Sadness is not just depression. Stress is not anxiety. Mood swings are not depression. Bad days and feelings of sadness are still uncomfortable, yet that doesn’t equate to having a mental illness. Not only that, but the frequency of the issue at hand is underestimated on the whole. According to the…

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