Dear Senior Year, Please Slow Down.

By Angelica Bautista Coleote, senior & first-generation high school graduate


As senior from first generation that will be graduating, I feel excited about what the future holds for me. My family and I we are all new to all these systems: filling out FAFSA, college applications, etc., and I am truly thankful to my school for helping us with all these process. They give us multiple choices of opportunities to get through the whole process.

If there is anything I could change about my time at BHS it would be to have been more involved. My senior year was my first attending Beaver Nation Migration, and I really liked it. I wish I could of done it since my freshman year. Also, I have been attending some football games. It is important to be involved at school.


This year, I have made new friends that I wish I could have meet them at  an earlier time. Don’t be afraid to break the stereotypes from keeping you away from being involved. Enjoy a club, a sport, participate in school activities. Be involved the most possible you can because at the end of your senior year, you can say. “I did that” and ,“I did that, too!”


I never thought my last year of high school was going to be too soon.  I still don’t how I feel that next year all my friends are going to be in different paths. Most of them have been my friends since elementary all the way through to now. I am making memories with them while it last because it will bee too soon where we all be crossing stage and receiving our desired DIPLOMA. After 13 years of my life of hard work and dedication, I will finally be graduating!

Senior year can be stressful – GPA, FAFSA, senior dues, scholarships, applications, deadlines, responsibilities – but don’t let it get in your way plan ahead and be organized to be able to accomplish your tasks. Now that I am senior I am doing my best to be involved in what I can. Senior year is going by fast and when I least feel it I will already be crossing the stage. I am super excited for Prom and all of the senior traditions but everything is just happening too soon and too fast. Time needs to slow down because I really want to enjoy every moment that I can at BHS.


Some advice I have for incoming freshmen is to get out of their shells and to build friendships.  Go out there and be part of BHS community; be involved, and enjoy every moment at high school because will fly by fast. Also, don’t save everything for your last year; start during your freshman year, and you will have an amazing experience at high school.


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