My BHS Community

By Zach Danner, junior


Beaverton is not only school, it is home.

Beaverton is a community built around visions. The vision of Beaverton is that every student will graduate prepared for and excited about their future. In class every day, you see students working hard. Teachers, students, and faculty all work together to create an environment where every student has the ability and the resources to be successful. Every student has their goals, and their dreams. Some students go through school with no idea what they want their future to hold. I have a good Idea of what I want to do in my future. I have always wanted to be a CEO. Through school, I think that one of the most important things that I have learned is to be successful, you can not procrastinate. By no means do I have the best grades in schoolL in facts, they aren’t even close. When I come to school, I am motivated to do well, but when I go home, I no longer have the drive to do well.

Lots of students are like me, in that they come often, participate in class, but their drive is lost once the bell rings. Beaverton is a community full of tradition and filled with excellence. I am lucky enough to be a part of both the football and boys basketball programs at BHS. At every practice, students work hard to be better, to beat the team that they are up against that week, then at game time, they play their heart out while the band who practiced all week play’s their encouraging music loud and proud and at every score, the many fans in the student section cheer.


Within the halls of Beaverton, students come from all different situations, many harder than others. It is fantastic that no matter what situation a student may come from, there is always a sport or a club or activity at BHS for them to be a part of. There is no club or sports team that I have heard of or been apart of here that does feel like a family. Someone once told me that you go to school to learn, but it is the whole experience that makes school fun. I completely agree.


My goal is to go to college. The great thing about Beaverton, is that there is someone there to help you prepare for your future, no matter what your future goal may be. When you walk through the halls of Beaverton, it is not just going to class, it is an experience. There is always an athlete who wins big, a student who does better than anyone else in the state or the nation on a test. These are everyday examples of EXCELLENCE at Beaverton. Students, teachers, and community members alike are proud to be Beavers.

I have a lot to look forward to in my senior year: Prom, my final year as a part of the football and basket basketball programs, and eventually graduation. It is because of the people at this school, that my future is bright. For that, every student should be grateful. So what does your future hold for you?


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