Cheer Is (NOT) Easy.

By Kylee Rench, senior


Cheerleading has been a huge joy in my life. I started cheer freshmen year, and I was a JV member/ Varsity alternate. Since sophomore year, I have been on the varsity team and now, I have the pleasure of being a leader in our program.


I am excited to be a senior this year and am looking forward to what we will accomplish as a team. As a freshmen, I was so scared to try out for cheerleading because in the movies, cheerleaders are depicted as rude and exclusive. Since being on the team, I have found that cheerleaders are as nice as they come and they have to work just as hard as other sports. Cheerleading has two very different sides to it. There is the sideline cheer aspect and also the competitive cheer aspect. Sideline cheer is difficult because you have to remember dozens of cheers, motions, and stunts however, it is a rewarding and fun experience. Sideline Cheer is the aspect of cheerleading that often leads people to believe that “Cheer is easy”.


Competition cheer on the other hand is intense, and requires dedication, hard work and months of practice to come out on top. Competition cheer is the hardest part of being a  cheerleader. Overall, cheer has taught me to be confident in who you are and has been my favorite part of high school. Performing in front of your peers, and helping cheer on and increase the spirit for BHS sports is so much fun and I wouldn’t trade the experience of being a cheerleader for anything.



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