By Nick Uchida, senior


4 years of sitting in classrooms, listening to your teachers lessons and listening to your classmates different ideas you start to wonder what is this worth.  Have I really learned anything meaningful? Not really. Yes, I’ve learned stuff about the world; yes, I’ve learned how to solve certain math equations. In all honesty, those things haven’t “taught” me anything.  What I have learned in the 4 years aren’t from the lectures but more from the teachers outside the classroom and my friends… if that makes any sense.


There are countless moments in high school where I’ve learned things about myself just by surrounding myself with the right group of people.  One of them those experiences comes from my Student Leadership class.  The people who aren’t in Leadership assume that all we are responsible  for are the assemblies and the other activities we set up for the school. It’s unfortunate that there are still people who assume that because it’s so much more than that.  Two weeks ago, the Leadership members and I went on a retreat to Government Camp.  It was a lot of fun; we spent the whole weekend together doing activities and just getting to know one another better.


What I learned from this weekend was not only how cool of a group Leadership is but to lose your previous judgments, be nice to everyone, and be a positive light to others.  I’m not a perfect human; no one is. Everyone has things that sets them off, people or things that they dislike or people that dislike them.  A life lesson that I will cherish forever will be to try and be positive and have others feed off that energy around you. Try your hardest to be loving and kind to others because you never know, they might need a little light in there life.


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