By Natalie Oleson, senior


At BHS, along with our amazing spirit comes our core values: Tradition Unites Us, Excellence Inspires Us, Community Connects Us, and Learning Transforms us. Because we are a school, learning is a large aspect of what our school is. Yes, the other are important too but they are more just there to tell a story.  Staff and students take education very seriously, because they are aware it’s not just something you do in your spare time, it’s your future.

The Beaverton High School staff gives the students a huge hand because they wanted them to succeed, and get somewhere with what they have learned during their 4 years of schooling. Students also strive to be successful, and that is shown by students taking advanced classes, pathways, attending Beaver Achievers, and even creating clubs for what they have a passion about. Beaver Achievers is a great way students begin the path of success, because it is a study hall every Saturday from 9 AM-12 PM, where students can get help from peers and improve grades or skills in a certain subject.

BLOG TOPIC1018.jpg

Another huge way Beaverton provides excellent learning opportunities to students is the pathways, and I personally know that these provide knowledge and guidance to students. At the school there are two pathway choices: Health Careers and Marketing. The Marketing Pathway at BHS is one of the best in the nation (in my humble opinion), and the Health Careers pathway is an amazing programs in METRO. The school doesn’t force any students to take a pathway; they just want you to take classes you enjoy. so they can educate you on what you’re passionate about.

Learning Transform Us, along with the other core values, are incredibly important to Beaverton and I’m proud to say I am a student who has earned three years of my education at a school with these strong values.


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