By Zack Danner, junior


In my two full years at Beaverton, I have found myself involved with Boys’ Basketball, Football, and for one year, the Varsity Lacrosse team. Every day, as I film a game, keep stats for the football team, fill water bottles, or participate in practice, I see EXCELLENCE. There is EXCELLENCE in the way the players practice and play. There is EXCELLENCE in the time that the coaches commit to every program, and EXCELLENCE in the staff that keeps things going. As you walk the halls of Beaverton, you hear and see people helping each other, watching out for each other, or just saying “Hi!” to one and another in the halls. When you walk into any classroom, you see students and teachers working with each other, helping when needed, or sharing their good ideas to better the work of others. Every day, you see students working hard, studying hard, and teachers working hard to meet the needs of all students. These are all examples of EXCELLENCE


There is pride in being a student at Beaverton, and the EXCELLENCE that has been shown to me both by teachers and classmates will sit with me and makes me want to help others whenever possible. Every person who steps in the doors at BHS strives for EXCELLENCE, and even though not everything everyone does is excellent, we are always working towards it. A student in P.E. might usually run 80 pacers, but because he strives for excellence, he might run 85 this time. There are so many examples of EXCELLENCE inside and outside of Beaverton’s walls, all you have to do is quickly look around, and your bound to see EXCELLENCE in everything you see. 



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