Knock, Knock. Who’s There? HOMECOMING!

By Anaya Sergeant, senior


At BHS, one of the most iconic events held every year is the infamous Homecoming Dance. Music blasts, everyone’s dressed up, and all the students take a million pictures to start off the night. Looking back, I can remember every year’s Homecoming vividly, and I still have pictures from my freshmen year HC on my phone (embarrassingly enough).


For me, personally, getting my makeup on and my hair all done up with my friends to get ready is one of the best parts of the night. We all play music and pump each other up as we cake our faces and get prepared for the dance. Helping each other curl our hair and get all dolled up makes us even more excited to take pictures and dance the night away.
Once we actually get to the dance, the music can be heard from all the way down the street and the flashing bright lights radiate from the building. The waiting line of students outside the doors grows longer and longer, but everyone is laughing and talking loudly and enjoying themselves.
Homecoming is so anticipated, with the assemblies and activities the princesses do and the football game, and the excitement that leads up to the actual dance is one of the best parts. I advise any student to go all out and have fun at Homecoming with all their friends. It’s the perfect time to look your best and go out and have a good night with the rest of BHS students.

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