School Spirit 101

By Celia Boyer, Carson Crawford, and Natalie Oleson, seniors


The stands start to fill up at Liberty High School. The Beaverton High School students are arriving in their American-themed costumes. Minute by minute, the crowd keeps on growing.


If you have never experienced a Beaverton High School football game, well, you’re missing out. The BHS students are NEVER quiet; always chanting, screaming and cheering on their team. Football games are no joke at Beaverton. If you are not at the football game at Friday, you had better be sick or be with family because everyone is expected to go to the game. One of the best experiences is being will all your closest friends and cheering on your high school’s football team after a long week of school.


“YES! WE DO! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!” The crowd cheers at the top of their lungs as our boys get closer, and closer to the end zone. Every football game has an amazing student section no matter the distance. From as far as Battle Ground, Washington to as close as a game at home, they will always make the trip. Along with driving the distance they take the game’s theme to a whole new level.  From students simply wearing big blank t-shirt to painting their entire face and creating crazy outfits, and it’s not just one game out of the year it’s every game!


All this effort to make our student section the best in METRO doesn’t go unrecognized.  One former BHS student who now attends Glencoe High School contacted us applauding our student section spirit, which coming from a high school girl means a lot because we all know it’s not easy for a high school girl to compliment another. Since the beginning of Beaverton history, the student section has shown excellence; it is not just this season, it’s tradition. BHS students are setting the trend of having school spirit, inspiring other schools to follow in their ways. What’s up tonight? Guess you’ll have to be there to find out. Game time: 7 PM.


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