Alert: Schedule Change Ahead

By Nick Uchida, senior


Waking up at 6:30 AM, taking a shower, shoving breakfast in your mouth as you try to make it to school in time. But even 6:30 AM isn’t enough time if you want a parking spot.  You have a select few people that have the NEED to get to school at like 7 AM just to get a parking spot! Pretty crazy if you ask me…this is the story of my life.

That routine is a routine I dislike with a passion. Four years of waking up at 6 AM without late arrival is something I don’t like but something I’m proud of. The routine that I’d prefer is my summer sleep schedule.  Waking up to the birds chirping with nothing but blue skies, not a worry in the world.  I loved how every day during the summer, I would wake up and the only thing on my mind would be what that day had in store for me.

This summer blessed me with such fun times with the best people.  This picture was taken by my good friend Oliver Brown.  We all went to our friend’s RV/cabin place in Pine Hollow and spent the weekend there.  We swam in the lake, kayaked, and paddle-boarded. Towards the end of the night when the sun was setting, we all just kinda stood there together and took the whole night in. There couldn’t be a better way to end the night without a dance party, right? So, that’s what we did! Stars were bright, and we cranked up the music and just danced, having a good ol’ time. Fond memories and already looking forward to what life has in store next.


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