Who’s Undefeated? WE ARE!

By Cassy Harrigan, member of Varsity Girls’ Soccer team


The Beaverton High School girls’ soccer team has been undefeated this last preseason and still counting. We are 7-0 currently with one Metro game against Liberty. This year is different for us. The team chemistry this year has been better than my past three years playing for varsity. All of us can go to each other in time of needs and that’s what makes us so strong. Having good team chemistry does not only help off field, but on field as well. It motivates us to play for each other. Rather as playing as talented individuals, we are playing as a talented team. Our motivation as a team is a inner inspiration inside of all us which is driving us to our amazing results. We come to practice and we are ready to work to give us the results in each game that we deserve to win. Our toughest games this preseason have been the greatest for us, because we all believe in each other to win for each other and our results have shown that. This team and every player I know isn’t okay with just being “average” or an “average” team. We don’t stick to our comfort zones which helps us move towards success and progress. Every goal scored on us doesn’t disappoint us, it lifts us. That goal motivates us. It tells us to get back up on our feet and keep working because we will get our outcome. Our results have shown that. This team strives for excellence and we all want to make ourselves better. That’s what I love about this team and this year so much. Every single player comes to practice and wants to become better. No one slacks off, we all improve. We all have positive attitudes on and off the field. We know when to be silly and fun, but then we know when to switch gears and stay serious. Every practice we compete and become better knowing that all of us friends off the field. My past three years being on varsity high school soccer team, we have never gone undefeated in preseason nor have gone 7-0. I am so proud of my team and what everyone contributes. We are willing to fight for one another, and, most importantly, we all believe in each other.


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