Who’s Crazy? Oh, We Are.

By Karley Hecht, senior


The sky is blue, and the students are decked out in extreme orange as 500+ students meet at BHS. Nothing beats the noise of our first “Beaver *clap* *clap* Power” chant, and with that, all the crazy students begin their march to our rival high school. Once the beaver folk arrive at Southridge, you can hear a roaring chant of “This is our house!” which absolutely silences the home crowd. As both teams battle for 48 minutes total, the Beavers come out on top with a 42-27 win.

Here at Beaverton, excellence inspires us every day. Whether it be students, staff, sport teams, classes, or clubs, you can always find people doing big things here. The Beaver Nation Migration walk to Southridge last Friday was a perfect example of how special BHS really is.



Not only did the football boys do AMAZING against Southridge, but the amount of students and faculty that showed up to continue the tradition of walking to the game was so awesome!

The community at this school and the excellence that is shown every day is one of the best parts of Beaverton High School!

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