Senior Top 5: Kyle Durbin

By Kyle Durbin, Class of 2016


One of the absolute greatest moments of my high school life was when I joined the Beaverton High School Tennis Team. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had joined a brotherhood and the season would become the highlight of my year for all 4 years of high school. It allowed me to get close to some chill guys and play in some intense matches.

Kyle 1

When I started, it was the first time I had picked up a racquet in about 3 years, which I barely played at the time. I watched myself progress each year and get on Varsity all years of high school. My next top moment was when my partner and I were in the quarterfinals of districts in tennis and we were down 0-6, 0-4. What happened was that we both had broken down throughout the match and just couldn’t hit anything. Hottmann, our coach, told us at this point that we need to just man up and focus because our season was on the line.

Kyle 4

From that point on we won 12 games to pull an amazing comeback and to win the match and continue into the semifinals. This is where we lost easily to another crazy good team, but the fact that we had the amazing comeback in the quarters was incredible. We drew a huge crowd and they were all going crazy as we made the insane comeback. The next best memory was when we played Southridge my freshman year and it was my first varsity match. The match was 6-4, 5-7, and then 6-4 with huge freak outs from the other team throughout the match that made the match be so dramatic that it had our coach saying it was easily one of the greatest matches he’s ever seen.

Kyle 5

My fourth greatest moment was the Beaverton High School Prom where I had the best time. The music could have been way better but having all the seniors there and it being the last dance made it special and unforgettable. This was also awesome because it made us realize how close we were to graduating, which brings me to the next greatest moment.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, it’s easily going to be the best accomplishment of high school and will be the best feeling. I feel as though I am done with high school already but that’s not the case since I have a little time left. I realize that I need to enjoy it while it lasts because it’ll be over before I know it. I wouldn’t want to spend my 4 years of high school anywhere other than Beaverton High School but I am certainly ready to move on and go to college at Oregon State University.


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