Senior Top 5: Drew Roper

By Drew Roper, BHS Class of 2016


My name is Drew Roper, and I am a senior at Beaverton High School. During my four years at Beaverton High, I have made many memories with lots of great people. It is tough to narrow all of the memories I’ve made down to a specific top five.
So, to start this off my first memory was being apart of the Jam the Dam festivities. I had the astounding privilege of being able to hangout with two amazing Make-A-Wish kids over two years. Ozzie and Elijah were amazing and were truly so inspiring to be around.
My second memory was of being on prom court as Prince of Style. It was such a fun experience being able to be around such fun people, and getting to enjoy all of the weeks festivities. The prom assembly was awesome and all of the vibes were so cool to be involved with. Being on prom court was definitely one memory I will remember forever.
Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

My next memory was winning the Metro League Title in basketball. This feeling was unreal, especially after all of the handwork that was put in the whole season leading up to that moment. And just the ability to share that amazing memory with my teammates, who I got so close to throughout the season and summer. Winning the Metro League Title, and being able to have a trophy and a banner that hangs in the gym for as long as I will be around is such a surreal feeling.
Another one of my favorite and one of my most personal memories is when I created my own clothing brand called VUES Clothing. It is a small urban clothing brand that I am curating with some friends. The memory in BHS comes from when I completely sold out all the stock to students in BHS. After everything I have put into the clothing brand, it’s truly so motivating to keep creating when I see kids around school wearing and loving the products. You can check out the line on Instagram @vuesclo.
Last but not least, is the memory I hold closest to my heart and has truly shaped me into the man I am today; FOOTBALL. I love football, and everything the sport has done for me so far. The best memories I have made in high school without a count come directly from football and everyone that is involved with it. Throughout my four years playing high school football has really taught me a lot. It has taught me discipline, teamwork, persistence, goal setting, and a high you can’t buy. When I say this, I mean their is no way to replicate the adrenaline rush you get from a friday night football game. Fighting and scrapping with all you have alongside your teammates, and being successful, even in one play, is a moving experience. There is really nothing that can compare. And that is why I will remember my memories of high school football forever.

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