Senior Top 5: Carter Olsen

By Carter Olsen, BHS Class of 2016

High school is full of memories for most people. Me, I’m having a hard time remembering any special events from high school except for lacrosse memories, so excuse me for talking too much about lacrosse.

One memory that stands out to me and happened fairly recently was beating West Linn in lacrosse this year. They had been the state champions for the past two years, so going into the game, it was pretty intimidating. I remember after we won, it was the first time I had ever heard my coach say the “F” word. He said it in a good way, congratulating us on the win, but I think that is what made this memory stand out so much in my head.

Carter 2

My second favorite memory also happened this year. It is something that I will probably remember for a long time. Becoming the first ever Metro League champions from Beaverton High school in boys’ lacrosse. This season is something I will never forget, as it has been very successful and is not quite over yet.

My third memory would have to be Sadie Hawkins my junior year when I was elected prince. This is a fond memory because I had a great time with all the other princes and it was a great experience in all.

My fourth favorite memory was beating Central Catholic in the playoffs for lacrosse my freshman year. This memory made my top five because I played really well that game and I vividly remember the fans rushing the field after the win.

My fifth favorite memory would be Prom this year. It was so fun and way better than any other school sponsored dance. The venue was great, the music was perfect and everyone had a blast.

Carter 1

There are still memories to be made at BHS with less than a month left in school, like graduation, the senior talent show, and the senior camping trip. This chapter in my life is abruptly coming to an end and I’m excited but also sad because I know that I will miss many of the friends that I made here and will no longer see past high school.


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