Senior Top 5: Evan Barnard

By Evan Barnard, BHS Class of 2016


During the last four years that I have spent at Beaverton, I have made a lot of great memories, but my top 5 would have to be: football games, playing lacrosse, Prom, making it to the “Final Four” freshman year, and being ranked #1 in state for lacrosse. Not necessarily in that order, but those are definitely my top five memories.
Football season was always a highlight for me because that meant that we could start tailgating again. It was always a ton of fun to get dressed up in that week’s theme and go hangout for hours with all of my friends. I remember this one game that I went to with my friend Cortlandt Nelsen and the theme was “pink out”, so we decided to twin. We looked so good.
I have been playing lacrosse since  5th grade and it was always a lot of fun, but when I made the transition to high school lacrosse, it was so different. Everyone on the team was so close, and we all wanted to win every game, and everyone is playing lax because the love the game… not because there parents are making them.
My freshman year, I made the varsity lacrosse team and that year, we were the best team in Beaverton history. We weren’t the most talented team out there, but everyone on the team loved the game and they weren’t playing for themselves; they were playing for the team. We all wanted make it to the state championship but we fell a little short and ended up losing in the semis. It really sucked to lose, but that was the most fun season of lacrosse ever.
This year, I am the defensive captain for the lacrosse team, and we have a lot of talent. At the beginning of the season everyone said that Beaverton is the team to beat and honestly, they were right. The first game of the season, we beat the two-time defending champions, West Linn! After that we went on to beat all of the top 8 teams in state, and we swept Metro, earning us the #1 seed in state.

I haven’t always loved going to dances, and this year, I knew I was going to have to go because it was my senior Prom. I knew I couldn’t miss it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, but when the night of prom came around, I was pleasantly surprised. It was so much fun. It was great getting dressed up and hanging out with everyone all night. I wish I could do it all over again.


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