Senior Top 5: Hannah August

By Hannah August, BHS Class of 2016


As senior year comes to a close (only a couple more weeks!) and senior projects are wrapping up, sentiments grow stronger and memories become fonder than ever. High school was full of so many amazing moments and looking back on the past four years, some memories stand out more than others, so I decided to take a look back at my top 5 moments of high school, because it was full of so many amazing moments.

5. Homecoming – Homecoming to start the year off was always fun. Getting ready before the dance with friends and dress shopping, although stressful because time always seemed like an issue, was a time full of laughter and of course, memories. Every moment was filled them, whether it be scrambling around to find enough mirrors to get ready or smiling for the thousands of pictures until our cheeks hurt, I wouldn’t change any of it. Then came the dance itself. When you think about it, a big group of hot and sweaty high school kids packed into the cafeteria may not be the most appealing way to spend a Saturday night, but being together with all of your friends and your class makes it one of the best nights of the year.


4. Football Games – Football games, full of spirit and energy, were a fun way to both support our school and spend time with friends and classmates. Finding out the theme of the game was often followed by a slight moment of panic, lots of texts in group messages to plan outfits, and usually wrapped up by a trip to Target (, Michaels (, and/or Halloween stores (thank goodness football season was in the fall). Once the outfits were planned and put together, it was game time. Chanting and cheering to the point everyone’s voices were raw, and a few gone completely, was the best part. Seeing our football team win, rushing the field, and singing the fight song as a school was always the perfect way to wrap up the evening.


3. Chicago – Being a part of the digital marketing team this year, we had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for Social Media Week ( This was an amazing experience that allowed our whole group to learn new skills and applications to create engaging content, that will help us during high school as well as in the future. All of the speakers were unique and entertaining, with amazing stories and experiences that they shared with all of us to help us improve. In addition to all of our learning, we had the chance to explore the city some and grow closer as a group.


2. Racquetball – Joining racquetball my sophomore year was one of the best decisions I made during high school. During the three years playing, I have met two of my best friends, won three state titles, and got to travel to St. Louis, Missouri. The team has such a great chemistry and everyone is close and it is like a little family. Traveling as a team was a lot of fun, getting to spend every day and night with friends was a great experience and we grew much closer upon returning.


1. Prom – Prom, oh prom. One of the biggest nights of a senior’s life (besides graduation, of course). This day was a whirlwind, to say the least. After hair and make up, getting all dressed up, and taking who knows how many pictures it was time for the night to commence. The dance was fun-filled, dancing with our whole class and making memories. Being together for one last big event before graduation made the night extra special and a night I will never forget.



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