The Next Big Step

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior

A couple of days ago, Beaverton High School seniors had their 2016 “Star Day”.  This was a very exciting time for many seniors because they got to write their name and what college they were going to attend for the next four years on a star.

Senior Blog 3

Star Day is unique because it shows all the hard work that was put in by the seniors in the class of 2016 and they get to “show off” their very own success.  Anyone in the school can come by the College Career Center and look at the board full of stars.  It’s awesome to see where the majority of BHS students are attending college.

When I was observing the board it seemed that most of the 2016 class is staying in state and attending either OSU, UofO, PSU, or PCC.  There were also a few outliers heading to out of state colleges/universities, this including myself.

These four years at Beaverton High School have been quite an experience and I think that the class of 2016 is excited and nervous to move on to the next chapter in our life which happens to be college/work.

Senior Blog 4

It’s been a great run and while we only have a few weeks left, we need to buckle down and finish strong.  Some of us may have a case of senioritis but that can’t stop us from turning in homework assignments and doing well on tests.  We want to see everyone at graduation getting their diplomas. Keep up the great work BHS! Go Beavers!


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