So Close We Can Taste It.

By Julia Tantare, sophomore

As the school year is winding down, it is  important to make sure we have everything prepared for the summer as much as possible. I know that we are all anxious to get the year over with, but whether you’re staying in Portland  or going on a trip somewhere else, we need to remember that we are still in school as much as we all wish we weren’t.

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So, now that finals are approaching, we need to study and stay caught up. I know thinking about cracking open a heavy textbook and sitting your room doesn’t sound fun and isn’t. Try to make it more enjoyable; head over to Ava with a friend or two; grab a coffee; and have fun studying (or at least as fun as you can while cramming for a test).
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Also, understanding that even non-seniors have “senioritis”, it is even more crucial to know that grades matter. Even though we think we have time to catch up in our classes, there isn’t that my time left in the school year, so get on it as soon as possible!

The last most important thing to do is to remember, is that you made it this far and there is only one month left in the school year, so try to enjoy it. As the seniors leave, and we all get a little older in our high school careers, we all have to think thank goodness it’s almost summer, Beaverton!


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