Jerseys Rule or Jersey Rules?

By Nicholas Isaak, senior & proud wearer of jerseys

What do you think about grown men wearing jerseys to support their favorite teams? I am one who thinks it is just fine for people to wear jerseys AS LONG AS it is during that certain season.

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I also strongly believe for adults to wear football jerseys during the fall and all the way through to the Super Bowl…BUT after that game, those jerseys should hang up in closets and wait patiently until the next significant football event to bring it out again (i.e. the NFL draft, college spring games). As soon as you are caught wearing a Tony Romo jersey in the middle of summer, I will make fun of you to no end.

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Even though I believe it is fine for people to wear jerseys during the season, there are some people who believe it is wrong for any grown man to wear a jersey, no matter the season. Some people won’t even wear jerseys to events or games because they feel it is a disgrace to their dignity:

Although the above article talks about how men should NEVER wear jerseys, the rules that Rick Reilly comes up with are good guidelines to follow. For example, “Jersey Rule No. 6: You may not wear a jersey of a player who has been gone from your team for more than a year, unless that player is in the Hall of Fame or will be soon.” I can agree with this rule 100%. I saw a guy once at a Blazer game wearing a Rasheed Wallace jersey…. I thought that maybe he was a friend of Rasheed and was just supporting him, but it was 2014, that’s not likely.

Another rule that I agree with is, Jersey Rule No. 8: Absolutely no cutesy wrong-color jerseys. No pink Yankees jerseys. No camouflage Cowboys jerseys.” This is very true, those things are terrible! It is such an eyesore to see people wearing these bright pink, bedazzled Russell Wilson jerseys. I feel embarrassed for them, and I’m not even wearing it.

At the end of the day, it is okay for grown men to wear jerseys. Just make sure it is the right season and it is a regular jersey with either a current player OR a Hall of Famer. Anything else, is a no go.


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