By Karley Hecht, junior


Here at BHS, we have a plethora of awesome things students can participate in. There are clubs, sports, after-school activities, field trips and my personal favorite, LAW DAY! I’ve participated in Law Day that past 3 years, and I plan to my senior year as well. Law Day is essentially where students get a taste of what local Police Officers do in their everyday lives. I have always had a passion for being in law enforcement when I grow up. There is something about helping people that makes me feel good inside.


At Law Day, the Beaverton Police  comes and gives us information and details about things that are helpful to know if we are thinking about having a future job as a Police Officer, Detective, etc. There are three sessions that you go through throughout the day. Control Tactics, Detective work, and Traffic Violations. In each session, we go through a slideshow and then do an activity that helps you more understand what each profession actually does and goes through.
One of my most favorite parts about this day, is driving around in a golf cart with a police officer. After you drive normally, you have to whip out your phone and try multitasking. It’s harder and scarier than it looks…seriously. What makes it even more scary is the fact that you are basically breaking the law with a police officer sitting right next to you. Most people didn’t even stay on the course. They ran right through the cones and almost tipped over. Luckily, I stayed on track and didn’t hit ANY cones.
As our fabulous teacher (Mrs. Robinson) tells us, “I’m going to put on my serious face now”. I am going to do the same. Texting or being distracted while driving is not good. So many bad things can happen and I learned and saw that at Law Day. Not a lot of people think that something that dramatic will happen to them if they just read or respond to a message or what not, but it can happen to anyone.
The most important thing that I learned from Law Day, is that things can happen in the blink of an eye. Those things can either be good or bad and some of the time, you have the ability to prevent that bad outcome. But to end on a positive note, it is SO awesome to spend the day with Police Officers. Especially if you look up to them, like me. You feel like one of them and it’s almost like you get a badge and get to be one of them for a day. I think that this opportunity that BHS and the Beaverton Police Department does is such a great opportunity. Thank you to all the teachers and officers that are involved with making this happen! It truly makes a difference.
Beaverton Police Twitter: @BeavertonPolice

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